Coronavirus Update

Dear All 

I have received the following communication from the Diocese of Coventry and in light of this we will sadly need to pause public worship in our church buildings until we are told otherwise. I am deeply saddened about this. But we must find new ways of 'being' church.  

Best Wishes 


On 17th March the national church issued some significant new guidance for the Church of England.  The overall message is that, ‘Church is changing, but church is not closed’.

The latest news can be found here…

I’m sending this email during a meeting of the Diocesan Coronavirus Planning Group.  Bishop Christopher says:

“As I said yesterday, the Prime Minister’s briefing involved major implications for the life and ministry of the church.  The bishops had a conference call this morning, and needless to say I commend the archbishops’ letter which has the backing of all the bishops  (see attached).  Our challenge and opportunity is to show the nation that although the church is changing, it is certainly not closed.  We are doing what we usually do and normally do, albeit in more creative ways.”

A Community letter has been distributed with Wellesbourne & Walton News and can be found here:  Community Letter.pdf

A Pastoral letter to all Parents and Carers in Wellesbourne and Walton : 
                                  A pastoral letter to all Parents and Carers in Wellesbourne and Walton.pdf