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This is St Peter’s Church in about 1812

A Short history



e’ve been around a long time as it is thought there has been a church here from Saxon times. The first known written note of the village is by an Anglo-Saxon chronicler who recorded that in AD 862 a Witan was held in "Walesburnam” by King Burgred of Mercia.

We assume that any Saxon church would have been in wood and long since perished but the first stone church was built here in the late 11th

or 12th century. Tradition attributes the building

to Henri de Newburgh one of William the Conqueror’s knights and the first recorded Vicar was Will Rollandrit in 1288. Our present incumbent is the 49th since then although it must be noted that there were13 vicars between1298 and 1397

The building is recorded in Pevsner’s “Buildings of England” and has a Norman arch dating from about 1150